PPCT Finland – at pole position in the IT industry for more than 20 years

PPCT Finland Ltd – or Pirkanmaan PC-Tuotteet Ltd, which is our full name – first saw the light of day in the summer of 1994. We have been part of the constantly developing IT industry for more than 20 years. Our road to becoming a market leader in location services has been somewhat convoluted, but forward-looking determination and the desire to offer clients the best possible service have been our most important values from day one.

The early days of building and selling computers

We spent our first years selling computers and serving both corporate clients and private users. Competition in the early days was tough, so we decided to stand out from other operators in the field by offering our clients customized, quality service that maps out all their needs and fulfills their wishes. Even back then, we were already genuinely on the customer’s side. We soon also began to offer maintenance and support services: businesses could turn to us with any of their IT needs. We also realized the advantage in customer-friendliness offered by monthly rates – a clear solution that we still trust in today.

Data transfer and telecommunications enter the picture

After water damages that nearly led to bankruptcy in 1996, we decided to seek new lines of business that we found by concentrating solely on corporate clients. Later, our business also involved Internet connections, servers, different phone center solutions and handling all of them. It was therefore natural to partner with the telecommunications industry, especially after our solutions received a lot of attention from the operators’ clients. Sonera has been our reliable partner ever since.

Online applications and reservation and phone services

Before the turn of the millennium, IT administration took up nearly all our time. At the same time, the Internet had snuck into almost every office, so at our clients’ request, we also started making web pages. Our first true online application was Kristallipallo from 1999, which tracked traffic at web pages. The product was too much ahead of its time, but it opened up the path to the development of our own applications. We then moved on to electronic reservation services, which had a multitude of different features. We further expanded our operation through Call-Center, which offered phone services – corporate clients were able to delegate appointment making and other phone calls to us. But few things last forever, and this operation eventually ended as well. However, we were left with the idea of a location service solution.

Becoming a market leader in location services

Our location services began when one of our clients inquired about a system that would measure the number of hours a computer has been used and automatically make a maintenance reservation at the end of the maintenance interval. During development, however, we realized the broader potential of such a service. We took everything we could out of our earlier products and the know-how of our own experts, and Paikannin.com slowly began to develop into a real product and service. Along with product development, we eventually made the decision to give up all our former IT services except for reservation and to concentrate solely on developing the location system – today, our resources are concentrated entirely on our flagship service. It has paid off, as this road has taken us to the pole position – the position of a market leader.