Electronic Triplog

Do you have to enter the kilometres you have driven in your work vehicle row-by-row in an Excel file every month? Many of us forget to enter the trip information right away, and afterwards it is difficult to remember where we have been and when. Because company records should be completely airtight for bookkeeping and taxation, an electronic driver’s log is becoming essential for automated reporting.

With an electronic driver’s log, you can record precise data on driving routes, kilometres, driving times, and time spent at customer locations. No fixed device or constant tracking is needed to record this information.

Start using the Quick Tracker device and generate an electronic driver’s log easily and reliably for your work trips!

An electronic driver’s log makes data recording easy

Filling out, checking and recording manual driver’s logs takes hundreds of hours a year in an organization with several representatives, all time taken from actual productive work. An electronic driver’s log makes your work easier – when it is automated from start to finish, you have more time to do your job!

GSGroup Finland is an expert in location services, and our range of products includes a reliable electronic driver’s log. An electronic driver’s log takes care of data recording for you: a system based on satellite positioning records all necessary information automatically in a single, easily accessible place. It records dates, kilometers and routes.

A simple concept

The electronic driver’s log produced by the Quick Tracker device is easy and simple to use. Just plug the device into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. It will collect your trip data. When you finish driving, unplug the device to switch it off. You can now access the data by logging onto the Paikannin.com service and downloading an electronic driver’s log, accepted by the tax authority, in various file formats.

The Quick Tracker device is small and light, making it easy to transport. The device makes the work of sales representatives and drivers of company cars easier, as it saves time previously spent on extra paperwork. Your company could save hundreds of euros a year. This device offers a quick and effortless solution for generating an electronic driver’s log without fixed installations or continuous GPS tracking.

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Why choose the Quick Tracker electronic driver’s log?

  • A quick and easy way to generate an electronic driver’s log
  • Tracking is only on when wanted and needed
  • Small and light
  • Easy to transfer from vehicle to vehicle
  • No fixed device installations
  • Quick delivery

 If you drive a company car, how can the electronic and automatic driver’s log help you?

Did you know that when you drive a company car over 30,000 km a year on work trips, the tax rate on the company car benefit is reduced by 20%?

  • When using an electronic driver’s log, the taxation value of the car benefit is based on actual use.
  • From the financial administration perspective, all work-related driving of the company car driver is easy to invoice, as the costs are based on actual numbers.
  • Calculating daily allowances and generating expense reports is easier.
  • Allocating parking expenses and other costs is easier.

How can an employer benefit from an automated driver’s log?

  • All employees are treated equally, as the company uses a consistent way of producing an electronic driver’s log, regardless of whether the employee is using his or her own vehicle, a company car or a commercial vehicle.
  • When generating an electronic driver’s log, expense reports and driver’s logs are delivered on time and in an unambiguous format.
  • There is less manual work and fewer errors in financial administration when trip data can be systematically produced through automatic reporting. Therefore, the data is more reliable and it is easier to invoice clients for trip kilometres.
  • An electronic driver’s log also saves archive space, because the driver’s logs can be reliably stored on the Paikannin.com service, which you can log onto to examine the data.