Picotracker – for the improved security of those who work alone.

The handily sized Picotracker person locator is the perfect security device for those who work alone. In case of an emergency, the user activates an alarm by pressing a button, and the alarm will be conveyed to the designated recipient, for example, the 24-hour central control room. When the device is on, its location can be viewed in the Paikannin.com map service with an accuracy of a few meters. Users can also set up an automatic alarm if the tracker leaves a pre-determined area in the Paikannin.com map system.

Person locator around your neck or on your keychain

The use of person locator devices is always voluntary, but there are several benefits to groups such as foresters, health and social workers, maintenance staff, on-call personnel, and guards. Thanks to its small size, the device is easy to use and carry. Paikannin.com service guarantees high quality and 24-hour service, which improves workplace security and the time it takes to reach a person in need because the carrier’s location is available to rescue officials when necessary.

You can also track your driving

In addition to worker safety considerations, Picotracker person locator can be utilized for producing a driving log, whether you are driving a car or riding a snowmobile or ATV. The key requirement is that the device can be connected to the cigarette lighter socket. This allows the user to access an electronic driving log that fulfils the requirements set, for example, by the Finnish Tax Administration through the reporting system at Paikannin.com.