– always on track with the movements of your equipment is a web-based location service that is already being used by nearly all major corporations managing logistics and mobile employees in Finland. Although the service has many possible implementations from time tracking to personnel location, it has been designed especially for the real-time tracking of mobile equipment and locating it on a map. Work management becomes more efficient and coordination of employees in the field easier when equipment can be tracked on the screen of one’s own computer or smart device – this will naturally also improve the competitiveness of your company.

Reliable technology will full installation

Adopting our service does not require any actions in advance. Our experienced installers will attach to your vehicles location devices that are included in the monthly rate, which use GPS satellite location technology to send location and speed data directly to us through a GSM network. We relay this information to the web service once per minute. This provides you with constant up-to-date information about the movements of your equipment.

A communication package straight to the navigator

It is possible to send information and messages, such as the location of the next target, to a Garmin car navigator that has been connected to the system. The navigator also acts as a two-way communication device between the driver and the office, as the large buttons allow responding to messages that appear on the touch-screen even while driving. If needed, an alphanumeric keyboard with the Scandinavian alphabet can be put on the screen to allow the typing of longer messages. The navigator will also relay to the office information about things like finished tasks, working time used and mileage.

Flexible reports for your company

In addition to real-time location and tracking, the service produces over 40 different reports for your company’s use. At the same monthly rate, you will get driving logs and driving style reports as well as reports on CO2 emissions. You can pick the reports that best serve the needs of your own business and receive all information needed for planning, maintenance, taxation, financial management and customer relations. Everything can be customized for your needs and wishes.