Field Service Management

Our Enterprise service package also includes cloud-based field service management (FSM). With this solution, managing field service work remotely is easy. Field service management also enables hour logs, order management and automation of other tasks according to the customer’s needs.

Services for field service management

Our field service management solution covers the functions for your company’s daily field service work management and reporting in a completely mobile system. Say goodbye to paperwork.

Our solution includes:

  1. Working hour logs and payroll administration
  2. Work management
  3. Safety and other reporting

We will take care of building the solution, technical implementation and user training. The desired service solution and the features included in it will be examined together with the customer before the implementation.

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1. Working hour logs and payroll administration

With working hour logs and payroll administration, field service management is supported by automated hour logs and other features related to payroll administration, meaning resources can be saved for actual work.

Features included in hour logs and payroll administration:

  • Working time monitoring
  • Work task monitoring
  • Clocking in, out, on break
  • Clocking for vehicles
  • Clocking for job numbers
  • com integration
  • A manager’s view for data processing and approval
  • Reports

2. Work management

With work management it’s easier to manage recurrent work tasks and work queues, and entering new tasks is simple. Tasks can also be created with a phone, and the view for each employee may include a personal work queue where tasks can be signed off on as they are completed.

Work management features:

  • Calendar and map views for job creation and planning
  • Task creation also by phone
  • Personal tasks on a list on the phone or on a map
  • Job phases: Created » Started » Completed » Paused
  • Work queue where paused jobs, for example, appear
  • Recurrent tasks
  • Signing off tasks
  • Material and other data collection related to signing off tasks
  • Attaching work instructions and attachments to reports
  • Maps for navigation
  • Connection to com data and connecting the desired data to it
  • Reports

3. Safety and other reporting

Safety and other reporting with its features facilitate the management of inspections and qualification validity related to statutory work and quality reporting.

Security and other reporting features:

  • Security observations
  • Quality reporting
  • Orientation
  • Machine acceptance inspections and other statutory inspections
  • Reports on qualifications and their validity periods

Why choose field service management?

Location-independent field service management benefits companies with personnel in the field and the need to automate or mobilise their field work operations. Field service management also benefits property management, maintenance, cleaning, transport, security and surveillance, for example.

Here are a few general features included in our field service management:

  • Reports can be saved into PDF files to be sent to the customer.
  • Excel reports produced can be used in analysis.
  • Reports may be complemented with images, and attachments and signatures from customers / other outsiders.
  • Offline support for Android phone application, which enables logging in zones with no reception, for example inside buildings.
  • A server room audited for authority use and high-level information security.

How field service management benefits work supervision:

  • Feld service management enables real-time management remotely.
  • Automatic entries reduce the amount of paperwork.
  • Work supervisors receive up-to-date information on the daily operations of field service personnel without running any reports.
  • Times used on driving and spent in destinations can be verified quickly.
  • The examination of single driving routes and examination on a daily level make route planning more easier and resource usage more reasonable.
  • The utilisation rate of vehicles can be monitored. It is easier to verify the number of vehicles free for use and using them becomes easier.
  • Work supervisors can monitor the number and frequency of bad driving habits driver-specifically, which affects the vehicles’ service and fuel costs.
  • Work supervisors can check driving outside the allowed using time.

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