Asset Tracker – for monitoring and managing your valuables

Asset Tracker is a safe, discreet and easy-to-use locator device for controlled surveillance of valuable possessions. This device uses triangulation and is not solely dependent on GPS technology, for example. This enables asset tracking even in challenging conditions.

Why do you need asset tracking?

Asset tracking is a good way to protect and monitor your possessions. In the event of a theft or disappearance, you will quickly gain information on where the item is, and it can also be used in the route monitoring of pallets, shipping containers, vehicles and valuable goods transportation.Asset Tracker suit everyone who wants to know where their valuables are but don’t want any complicated installation, maintenance and administration. Asset Tracker safeguards your valuable possession in a simple, excellent and cost-effective way.


  • additional security for your valuables
  • can be located on a map
  • easy to use and install
  • quick location information in case of theft or disappearance
  • long battery life


  • pallets and shipping containers
  • trailers
  • snowmobiles and ATVs
  • boats and jet skis
  • power tools
  • valuable goods transportation

Asset tracking does not require GPS connection

The device retrieves the location data either using GSP satellite connection or GSM positioning (triangulation). If GPS connection is not available, the device will use GSM positioning. The device works worldwide and includes a pre-installed SIM card.Asset Tracker enables tracking of your valuables even in challenging conditions where the satellite connection required by the GPS technology is not available. Objects can also be located in indoor facilities where GPS would not work.

Asset Tracker is discreet

Asset Tracker can be used on any kinds of valuables. It can be painted to match the colour of the object and attached unnoticeably to the valuable. It also very small and doesn’t need any wires or external power sources.

Asset Tracker has a long life

The battery-driven locator device also withstands harsh conditions and enables asset tracking year after year. The device’s own battery lasts several years depending on the model and the use.(Device battery life depends on the frequency of location data sending and has two versions for different needs and objects.)The device sends location data according to a pre-set frequency. The device also includes a motion detector so that it can be set to send location data more frequently when on the move. This way we can ensure that the device’s battery life is as long as possible.

Asset Tracker withstands extreme conditions

Asset Tracker withstands extreme conditions and is able to send location data without a GPS signal. Asset tracking is based on triangulation, in which the location of the receiving device is defined with three types of transmitters.It stays functional in various weather conditions and stands temperatures between -20 and +65 degrees Celsius. The device also has IP67 classification.

You can monitor the movements of your valuables

The device sends its location data in the service online, where you can monitor the data easily with a web-based user interface and your own smartphone.

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