The most advanced location data service in the market is the most advanced location data service in the market. Depending on the service package and its contents, you will get access to a comprehensive selection of ready-made electronic reports and data, such as driving logs, target and driving style monitoring.

Streamlined operation improves productivity

Our service streamlines business and makes it easier to run by freeing up time for both management and staff. Thanks to electronic reporting, paperwork in the field or in the office will be history, and management no longer needs to waste its time going through manually written reports or travel invoices – modern technology allows these to be handled automatically. Data coming from different sources of the service will also be easy to process, combine, transmit and store.

Location data service at a fixed monthly rate

Thanks to its flexibility and customizability, our location data service is perfectly suited for one-man companies as well as major corporations operating internationally – the different possibilities for utilization are practically indefinite. Our experts will help you to choose the right service package for your needs and will help you get the most out of our service. You will already see positive results within a few months.