The market leader in location at your service

GSGroup Finland offers customized location services for both small companies and major corporations. Real-time location of moving equipment, driving logs, visit tracking and route and time tracking are only a few examples of our wide selection of services. Our clients include businesses in the fields of transportation, construction and property management. With our help, they save time and money by cutting things like unnecessary mileage. Why don’t you do the same?

Flexible location services at a fixed monthly rate

Adopting our location equipment is quite easy. We will install the location devices to your equipment and train your staff. We are not only giving you a tool; support, maintenance and consulting are an inseparable part of the package – all this at a fixed monthly rate. If you wish, we will create a steering group to make using the system and working time more efficient: we will agree on the rules, meet regularly during six months, study and analyze any exceptions and offer active support.

An easy-going and reliable partner

We are not satisfied with standing still – as the market leader and forerunner, we are constantly developing our products and service packages to be even better. We have acquired a reputation as a high-quality, honest and easy-going operator that sticks to the rules and delivers what it promises.

And we promise that we will have your productivity on the rise in a few months.

Our reliable tracking solutions

Mobile UI/ Dashboard

Tools designed to assist work management in the supervision of mobile field personnel

The mobile user interface and the dashboard function are tools designed to assist work management in the supervision of mobile field personnel. By logging in to the interface, you can access up-to-date and retrospective daily information on the usage effectiveness of your mobile equipment. Read more


A reliable location service

Designed for tracking mobile equipment, is a web-based location service. It can be used to manage as few or as many vehicles as necessary. Using GPS and GSM technology, a location device installed in a car will send information to the web service every minute, which can be viewed from a computer or a mobile device.

A real-time map view allows the movements of vehicles to be tracked precisely. This makes direction of work and coordination of equipment easier by directing the closest car directly to the target, for example. The web service allows the location to be relayed directly to the vehicle’s own navigator. Other features of the service include mileage and utilization rate monitoring and route mapping. You’ll get access to over 40 different reports at the same monthly price. Read more


Save driving information easily and quickly

With an electronic driver’s log, you can record precise data on driving routes, kilometres, driving times, and time spent at customer locations. No fixed device or constant tracking is needed to record this information. Read more


With Asset Tracker GPS tracking device, your valuable possessions will not fall off the face of the Earth even in the toughest conditions

Asset Tracker is a battery-powered locator designed for the monitoring and management of valuable possessions. This GPS tracking device is capable of handling extreme conditions.  The GPS tracker sends location data to the online service, where you can access the data and create reports effortlessly. Read more


Picotracker person locator enables the delivery of location data and an alarm message to a designated monitoring recipient at any time.

When plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, the device can also be used to produce an electronic driving log. Read more

Our clients

Lassila & Tikanoja

Lassila & Tikanoja

With almost nine thousand employees and 1,600 vehicles, good tools are needed for tracking vehicles and costs. Lassila & Tikanoja chose PPCT as their partner, as the early results already proved to be good. Read more

Eltel Networks

Eltel Networks

National maintenance and construction of electric and telecommunication networks requires people to do the work – Eltel Networks Ltd operates in Finland with 800 vehicles and 1,500 employees. For tracking, they chose the flexible service. Read more