PPCT Mobiili – Store your working hours with your smartphone

PPCT Mobiili is a smartphone application for time tracking. If your company has employees who travel from one location to another every day, PPCT Mobiili is an excellent choice for time tracking. It is particularly well-suited for people working in property maintenance and sanitation, health care field workers and others whose work involves a lot of travel.

How does PPCT Mobiili work?

An RFID tag (i.e. a smart card sticker) has been attached to the wall of the target location that defines its name and where it is situated. An incoming employee will scan the sticker to their phone with an NFC reader, after which a self-controlling application will check them in to the target and start tracking their working hours. When work is finished, the sticker is rescanned for checking out – working time will then end and additional information can be entered into the system, if needed.

Transmit all data to the Paikannin.com service

The arrival and departure times sent by the phone as well as any additional information is transmitted to our Paikannin.com service in real time. From reports available from the service, you can easily check your staff’s working and target times and transitions. It should also be noted that accurate information received by management about an employee’s current target location also improves the employee’s own work safety.

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Interested in PPCT Mobiili?

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