PPCT Asset Tracker – for monitoring and managing your valuables

The PPCT Asset Tracker is a battery-powered locator designed for the monitoring and management of valuable possessions. This GPS tracking device is capable of handling extreme conditions, and it can be used to track assets year after year because the built-in battery lasts up to 2–3 years, depending on how the tracker is used. You can use the device even after that, as long as you have it serviced first.

How does the Asset Tracker work?

The PPCT Asset Tracker can be used on shipping containers, vehicles or heavy equipment, boats, cable reels, and snowmobiles — so with basically any valuable possession. It is possible to paint the tracker to match the monitored property and install it to the asset so that the tracker becomes almost indistinguishable. The GPS tracker transmits location data to the Paikannin.com online service, which allows you to conveniently monitor the information. Our easy-to-use system also produces different reports based on your individual needs; you will know, for example, that a construction vehicle or container has been moved to a site. When stationary, the tracker will transmit location data once every 24 hours, and if the tracker is moving, it will send data every two hours. Customized transmission periods can also be set for the device.

The benefits of using the Asset Tracker

GPS tracking provides companies with a variety of possible uses, but tracking is becoming growingly popular in the leisure context as well. Using a locator allows you to monitor transportable or moving equipment, not to mention the ability to keep track of where possessions are located, as well as collecting and managing the relevant data. The Asset Tracker is a small device, with dimensions of 80 x 82 x 22 millimeters, and it will significantly improve the security of your valuables. In case of theft or a missing item, location data is available quickly and easily through the Paikannin.com service.